AGE: Late 20's

HEIGHT: 5'5"

WEIGHT: 115 pounds

HAIR: Long Blonde

EYES: Blue



No scars, freckles, stretch marks or tattoos 

I guess I've always been pretty good with using words as a way of seduction. It's just as important to be able to seduce someone by describing what I'm doing as it is doing it. Part of pleasing a lover is knowing where to place my hands, my lips, my tongue, my body and even my words. I can be your first kiss or a fantasy image from an adult magazine. Am I a co-worker or your secretary? Maybe I'm the sixth grade teacher you had a crush on or maybe you just need an escape for a little while from a busy week. If I do it just right I can become your living, unflinching fantasy and then disappear until I hear from you again.


-Please note compensation is for my time and companionship only. Physical intimacy is neither contracted nor compensated for.-

© 2018 by Amanda Greene